Pure Simplicity

All software products claim simplicity and ease of use as their features, but with Archiware Pure this claim is finally justified. One of the significant obstacles in adoption of data protection solutions is the complexity that requires specialized training and hiring of dedicated administration personnel.

Our main drive in designing Archiware Pure was to offer a smart data protection solution that any system administrator can understand, and which can provide industry standard protection features out of the box

A lot of effort was put into smart features that automatically choose the best default values for each situations and bring reliable VM backup and restoration within everyone’s reach.

The Pure UI allows you to check the status of your system at a glance and immediately identify events that warrant your further attention. At the same time, features such as backup overview and event log allow you to visually track backup trends and predict future storage needs as well as dig into details of each important event to learn what happened at which step.

Pure Screenshot with statistcs

Agentless, image based backups

Archiware Pure protects VMware virtual machines at hypervisor level, capturing the entire VM content and configuration at once. In coordination with a vCenter or an ESXi server, a point-in-time snapshot is created without interrupting the target VM. This allows seamless backups with zero downtime for your production machines and without the need to install backup agents in each VM. 

Protecting the whole vSphere environment from a single centralized interface greatly simplifies administration and reduces operating costs. Capturing the entire VM as a single image eliminates the possibility of excluding some critical files from backup and enables straightforward recovery of both the operating system and user data.


Industry standard backups – only better

With Archiware Pure, we wanted to create a data protection solution accessible to everyone but without compromising on any of the core features. Pure uses both the industry standard VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection and our own technology to smartly choose the best way to transfer backup data from the VM to the backup storage. 

All backups use Changed Block Tracking technology which enables Pure to only save the data that was actually changed since the last backup, speeding up backups and decreasing the required storage size. Because the most precious commodity is definitely time - and nowhere is that true more than in disaster recovery - Pure backup storage is optimized for backup and restore speed. Backups are forever incremental and completely eliminate the need for full backups. At the same time, each backup snapshot is immediately available for restore without the need for additional calculations or data extractions.

When Pure is deployed on an ESXi host that has access to the datastore holding the target VM data, backups utilize the hotadd feature to access the virtual disks directly. For VMs not directly accessible, a LAN transfer is automatically used to perform backups of remote VMs.

Since there is nothing worse then a corrupted backup, and because the experience has proven that bugs are always possible in any step in the process and that bugs can go undetected for a long time, Pure will optionally perform a data verification for each backup snapshot, making sure that the data in the backup repository corresponds byte by byte to the actual VM state. We strongly suggest enabling backup verification if possible. If the time constraints do not allow verifying all VMs every day, Pure will automatically assign higher priority to those VMs that have not had their backups verified for the longest. Multiple backup and verification jobs can be run in parallel allowing you to scale according to your needs and requirements.


Software that works with YOUR company

Archiware Pure was designed with you, the customer, in mind. We wanted a flexible solution that will perfectly adapt to your needs and your business environment without forcing you to break the bank and invest heavily in a proprietary hardware and software that will result in a vendor lock-in. 

Archiware Pure can be deployed in 5 minutes or less either as a ready-made virtual appliance, installed on a virtual or physical Linux host or as an application on one of our partner NAS boxes. It will certainly make use of any shiny hardware you may have at your disposal but it was designed to work reliably and performantly even on a SOHO type NAS devices.

Fire and Forget

We strongly believe that a good backup solution should make sure your data is fully protected and disaster recovery is properly planned. After that, it should let you focus your attention on your core business. Archiware Pure allows you to create backup and verification schedules that could be as simple or as detailed as your business requires. Once configured, backups execute automatically and without need for constant supervision. Daily email reports allow you to check the system status at a glance and keep you informed of all important events.

Backup scheduling is organized around Backup windows – time slots that you assign to Archiware Pure and within which all operations are performed. Pure will then automatically schedule backup and verification jobs, making sure that all the VMs are first backed up and then prioritizing verification according to the last verification date.

It is even possible to configure Pure to automatically schedule backups for newly discovered VMs, making this truly a configure once, run forever software.

No disaster too big, no file too small

Archiware Pure was designed to be as resilient as possible in the face of disasters. All too often it happens that a disaster recovery is handicapped or even rendered impossible because the backup system shared the same destiny as the target VMs. Pure is intentionally created as a perfectly replaceable part of your data protection. As long as the backup repository is safe (and you are strongly encouraged to keep offsite and cloud copies of your backups), Archiware Pure can be redeployed again without any hiccups. 

Simply download a new instance from Archiware’s website, deploy it and connect it to your backup repository. New Pure will continue exactly where the old instance left off, allowing you to restore your system or to continue with backups. But as we all know, losing a single file from a system can be almost as bad as losing everything. Should you ever need to recover a single file, Archiware Pure allows you to choose any of the existing backup snapshots, pick a virtual disk and browse for your lost file as if it were in a folder on your machine.

Features Overview

Extent of license
Supported number of ESXi hosts No built-in limits by design. Practical limitations may depend on available hardware resources.
Supported number of Virtual Machines No built-in limits by design. Practical limitations may depend on available hardware resources.
Supported Backup storage size No built-in limits by design. Practical limitations may depend on available hardware resources.
Deploy as a VA 5 minute easy deployment of an already prepared Virtual Appliance
Install on Linux VM Simple installation on any supported Linux distribution
Install on a physical Linux server Simple installation on any supported Linux distribution
Install on Synology NAS Available through Package Center. The latest version can always be dowloaded directly from Archiware website
Install on QNAP NAS Available through AppCenter. The latest version can always be dowloaded directly from Archiware website
Install on NETGEAR ReadyNAS Available through Apps menu. The latest version can always be dowloaded directly from Archiware website
VM Backup and Recovery  
Direct backup Backup directly from VMware datastore when Pure is deployed as VA on an ESXi host with direct access to target VM virtual disks
Network backup Backup any VM residing on any vCenter/ESXi host accessible over LAN or Internet
Pure incremental backup Forever incremental backup leveraging Changed Block Tracking technology but allowing every backup snapshot to be immediately available for recovery without need for extra calculation and without needing to apply multiple incremental snapshot to reach a desired state
Pure verification Thorough backup verification by actual comparison of data saved against the original VM content
Parallel backups Up to 10 parallel backup or verification jobs per storage volume
Backup scheduling Create detailed backup schedules that meet your RTO and RPO requirements
Fully automated backups Automated scheduled backups configurable even for the newly discovered VMs keep your environment fully protected completely worry free
Full VM recovery Restore the VM to a vCenter/ESXi host either directly or over network
Singe File Recovery Browse directory structure of virtual disks in any of the stored backup snapshots and directly download the desired files
Email reporting Daily status reports sent by email
Backup overview Visually track VM backup usage trends at a glance

Cloud support

Amazon S3, Amazon Snowball, Amazon Glacier, Generic S3, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi Cloud Storage

Quick verification

Query the ESXi host for list of allocated disk blocks and skip the unallocated empty areas for reduced verification times
Event Log