Software Maintenance and Support

Scope of Software Maintenance & Support

Archiware Pure includes the first 12 months of software maintenance at no additional cost. The maintenance covers two major aspects: access to the latest software version and access to manufacturer support. From the second year onwards, the fee for Archiware Pure Software Maintenance and Support is only 20% of the license price according to the current Pure pricelist.

Software Updates & Support

Software Updates

The subject of the Archiware Software Maintenance is the supply of new software developments in the form of updates. Valid software maintenance entitles the licensee to receive all updates for the licensed products published within the maintenance period. The latest software version is supplied to the licensee. Generally, only the latest version of the software is maintained. This latest version is supplied as an internet software download.

Software Support

Software maintenance includes web-based technical support. As a rule, a reply/reaction can be expected within 24 hours during Archiware’s business hours (Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CET) via web or e-mail. The number of support cases it not limited.

Fees and Renewal


During the first year, software maintenance is free of charge. From the second year onwards, the fee is 20% of the Pure license price according to the current price list. Payment is to be made in advance. Any additional license purchased within the maintenance period is added to the maintenance of the original installation.


Archiware promptly reminds licensees of the option to renew software maintenance before the end of the maintenance period. Software maintenance renewal ensures ongoing access to product updates as well as manufacturer support at economic conditions.

Reactivation of Archiware Software Maintenance

For licenses that have run out of maintenance, a reactivation of Archiware Pure Software Maintenance is possible. Prices depend on how long the maintenance has been expired for:

  • Expiration <1 year: 40% of license price according to current price list
  • Expiration <2 years: 60% of license price according to current price list
  • Expiration <3 years: 70% of license price according to current price list

The reactivated maintenance is valid for 12 months, starting on the 1st of the month following the invoice date.

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