Version 2.0.4 released. Changes since last release:
  • Improved Restore File feature which now uses 2 step mount process in order to avoid a bug in Linux mount command.
Version 2.0.3 released. Changes since last release:
  • Improved: Snapshot management during backup has been changed so that Pure will no longer delete any VM snapshots not created by Pure itself. Please note that this prevents automatically resetting CBT and fixing some other issues so you may be warned to delete all snapshots manually.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where Pure would erroneously cause warnings to appear in kernel log on certain NAS devices when starting up.
  • New: Restore File feature now also supports LVM managed partitions if they do not span multiple disks.
Version 2.0.2 released. Changes since last release:
  • Improved: Configuring a first time password or changing it later in Virtual Appliance Console Menu will now affect both preconfigured users ('root' and 'pure') at the same time.
  • Improved: Added more kernel modules for Restore File feature on Synology NAS devices. Kernel modules are now tailor made for each supported CPU/DSM version combination.
  • Fixed: QNAP devices should now correctly manage rolling log files on each Pure start. Problem was caused by the busybox binary implement some of the standard Linux commands in a slightly different manner.
  • Improved: Errors in chunk addressing during backup and restore are now reported earlier which should help in detecting any problems during file transfer.
Version 2.0.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Pure to use excessive amounts of memory if the GUI window was active for a long time.
Version 2.0 released.

For a list of features, see the Features page.

Release Notes for Archiware Pure version 1.0

Version 1.1.7 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Finally traced the zfs related issues to an undocumented change in the build system.
Version 1.1.6 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Resolved zfs related errors caused by conflicting packages in Ubuntu Linux
Version 1.1.5 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Added a delay at a critical point in zfs workflow which should prevent Ubuntu from erroneously declaring a newly created VM as unmounted.
Version 1.1.4 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed a border case where a deleted VM would prevent Pure from correctly executing a scheduled daily restart.
Version 1.1.3 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed a bug where some users with large VMware installations were experiencing problems with Pure not seeing their whole inventory.
Version 1.1.2 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Fixed an error where ESXi hosts would sometimes not be correctly listed in VMware inventory if a datacenter was divided in clusters.
  • Fixed: Special precautions were added to prevent database being reported locked when executing parallel backups on more than one storage pool.
Version 1.1.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Fixed an error where backups would fail when trying to get properties from a vSAN datastore.
Version 1.1.0 released. Changes since last release:
  • Improved: Single file restore has been greatly improved and now supports restoring files from a wide range of systems. In addition to MBR and GPT partition maps, BSD disklabels are now also supported. Files can be restored from the following file systems: ext2, ext3, ext4, NTFS, FAT, HPFS, btrfs, ReiserFS, SquashFS, MINIX, JFS, XFS, UFS, Xenix, System V, HFS, HFS+ and exFAT.
  • New: Archiware Pure now has an Event Log section which gives you an overview of all the backup, verify and restore jobs. Clicking on the '..' icon immediately to the left of a VM name will bring up the detailed message log for that particular operation.
  • New: A new 'Overview' section has appeared in the Backup Administration side panel (found on the right hand side of the screen), showing you a visual representation of the last 7 backups for the selected VM.
  • New: 'Delete from repository' option (accessed from the quick actions menu immediately to the left of a VM name) allows removing a VM and all its data from Pure backup repository. Keep in mind that if the VM is still present within connected VMware infrastructure, Pure will auto-discover if again and assign it to the default backup pool. The data that was occupied by the deleted VM will be freed from the repository on next backup window run.
  • New: Running backup, verify and restore jobs can now be cancelled by clicking on the 'x' icon which will appear next to the job progress bar.
  • Improved: Restore method has seen significant performance improvements. Disk allocation is now preserved in restored VMs, meaning that the thin disks will be restored as thin.
Version 1.0.4 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Removed a bug that allowed the wrong resource pool to be selected during restore process (marked as '/'), which caused the restore to fail.
Version 1.0.3 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Removed a bug preventing Pure from collecting the correct list of available resource pools on hosts in a HA cluster. VMs can now be properly restored onto a HA cluster assigned hosts.
  • Improved: Further improvements to job scheduling algorithm assure that vCenter VM is backed up separately from the VMs that it manages. Earlier, if a vCenter VM got stunned during backup snapshot creation or removal, all other backups would fail as Pure was not able to communicate with the vCenter. Both during backup and verify, vCenter VM now waits for all other VMs to finish first and no other VMs are being processed until vCenter backup is complete.
Version 1.0.2 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Fixed an error causing VM restore to fail when restoring to a HA Cluster having only the default compute resource without any child resources defined.
  • Improved: If Pure wakes up (boots) after a Backup window has already started, the VMs belonging to that BW will still be sent for execution. Previously, the whole BW was skipped.
  • Improved: Scheduling mechanism has been improved so that each VM can only be backed up and verified once during a single Backup window.
Version 1.0.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed: Fixed an error in the web server that would cause Pure to erroneously think that a VMware infrastructure server is offline under certain circumstances.
  • Improved: Log messages have been cleaned up by decreasing log level of some recurring notifications.
  • Improved: Email report scheduling has been improved to assure that the report is rescheduled each time one of the corresponding settings is changed. Removing the recipients setting will not correctly unschedule the report.
  • Fixed: If the very first backup of a VM fails, corrupt (incomplete) backup data is now immediately deleted as originally intended.
  • Fixed: Resolved the issue where in certain occasions email subject of the daily report was not correctly set.
  • Fixed: Resolved the issue where VM could not be restored if it had a Cdrom device pointing to a file on a datastore unless that disk image was ejected from the Cdrom device. Due to the inherent VMware limitations, VMs with a file based Cdroms will be restored with a generic Cdrom pointing to a host's Cdrom device.
Version 1.0 released.