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Less is more! Less complexity - maximum security for your data.

The brand-new Archiware Pure makes backups of VMware extremely easy. The simple setup, automatic backup and verification within the ESXi environment minimize complexity, cost and hardware requirements. Archiware Pure is created for and perfectly meets the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses.

Pure in Perspective

  • Simple, 5-minute deployment & setup as a VM appliance

  • No additional hardware or software costs

  • Optimized speed & minimum data transfer using Changed-Block-Tracking (CBT)

  • Ensured data integrity via backup verifications

  • Streamlined recovery of single VM, VMDK or single file

  • All-in-one, browser-based user interface

  • Scalability for virtual backup systems

  • Fully-featured, 90-day free trial

  • Cost-effective licensing at €500/physical host server

Focused on Essential Features

Archiware Pure is a powerful and lean solution. Incremental backups are performed using Changed-Block-Tracking (CBT) to optimize speed and minimize data transfer. Entire VMs, single VMDKs or simply single files can instantly be recovered from any backup cycle. Maximum data integrity is ensured through daily backup verifications.

Backup execution is fully automated. Flexible scheduling is enabled using backup windows. The round-robin method of rotating backup and verify jobs is intelligently designed. It ensures that even fully-scheduled backup windows allow time for verification of all completed backup jobs at regular intervals.

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  •   Powerful, lean design
  •   Extremely fast CBT-based backup
  •   Maximum data integrity through backup verification
  •   Streamlined recovery of a VM, single VMDK or single file

Easy Installation & Operation

Pure is quickly configured as a VMware® Virtual Appliance following a simple, 5-minute installation. The appliance resides on a VMware server with other virtual machines. There are no additional hardware costs for a physical backup server.

Separate configuration or supplementary software is also not required. The browser-based user interface allows Pure to be used on any platform or device.

Pure Setupgraphik Scaled

Pure installation in a VMware® vSphere environment.

  •   Pre-configured as a VM appliance
  •   Easy to deploy and the setup - takes just 5 minutes
  •   Configured and maintained from a web browser
  •   No additional hardware or software required

Backing Up Virtual Machines with Pure

In the first phase of a backup run, all systems are saved incrementally. VMware® delivers the required information with which Pure is able to copy only modified data. This way, numerous virtual machines can be backed up in minutes.

In the second phase, Archiware Pure verifies that original and backed up data are identical. This second phase guarantees maximum data security and integrity.

Essentially, all systems are backed up first and then verified in the remaining time frame. If the available backup window cannot accommodate a verification of all machines, the next run will start with the systems that have previously not been verified after a backup of all VMs is completed.

Minimum Investment & Operating Costs

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Archiware Pure licensing starts at €500 for backup and restore of all VMs on one physical host server. As user requirements change, virtual backup systems can easily be scaled to individual business needs.


Archiware Pure includes the first 12 months of software maintenance at no additional cost. The maintenance covers two major aspects: access to the latest software version and access to manufacturer support.



Become a Pure Partner

Building relationships with valued partners is Archiware's priority. We are 100% committed to leveraging your sales success and profitability. Pure is designed to meet specific customer demands for maximum security with minimum effort. It provides an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Join our global distribution network and Become a Partner now.

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Pure Download

Download the 90-day free trial version of Archiware Pure.

Hardware Requirements   

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk space: 50 GB for the Pure virtual appliance, not including disk space used for the backup repository
  • CPU: x86-64 processor
  • Storage for backup repository (best external), attached as virtual disk

Hypervisor Requirements

  • VMware vSphere 6.0 in any non-free edition
  • VMware ESXi 6.0 Express Patch 4 (build number 3247720, 2015-11-25) or later
  • vCenter Server 6.0 or later (optional)